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Reasons to Choose MidAmerican

MidAmerican Energy Company is a regulated electric and natural gas utility with an unsurpassed reputation for providing reliable, low-cost energy. Its unregulated retail services division was started in 1999 to serve customers in deregulated markets.

Experience, Reliability and Fiscal Responsibility
  • 140-year history of delivering reliable, efficient energy.
  • MidAmerican Energy is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy Company, a majority-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
Customer Service
  • MidAmerican's straightforward contract language will protect your interests.
  • MidAmerican provides budget forecasts and savings estimates (where available) based on actual usage history for all customized price quotes.
  • Our customer service team is available five days a week during extended businesses hours.
  • Receive regular access to price trends and proactive communication on regulatory changes that could affect your organization.
Operational Excellence
  • Let MidAmerican handle your energy details while you concentrate on your core business.
  • Superior portfolio management eliminates usage collars or bandwidths for most electric customers.
  • MidAmerican's extended 20-day net payment terms give you extra time to pay invoices.