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Energy Manager Assistant (EMA)
Volatile energy markets can make energy purchasing decisions difficult for your organization, but MidAmerican offers an online tool to assist you with your energy management goals. Energy Manager Assistant provides quick and easy access to usage, billing and market data, giving you the information you need to make timely, informed energy-purchasing decisions. EMA is a free service available to all MidAmerican customers as part of our extended service commitment.
  • See real-time wholesale market prices for major energy commodities.
  • Receive daily insight on the market and price trends by a leading industry analyst.
  • Access short and long-term weather forecasts for a more accurate picture of impending energy demand.
  • View and manage all accounts held with MidAmerican.
View a demonstration of EMA.

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Renewable Energy
MidAmerican Energy is a certified Green-e Renewable Energy Credit provider and is able to assist customers looking to include renewable options in their electric portfolio. Under this program, credits can be purchased for all or any portion of your overall load. Costs for renewable energy credits are based on usage levels.
  • Your contributions fund renewable energy sources created in the United States.
  • This is a convenient way to promote corporate green efforts.
  • Historic Product Content Label.
Summary Billing
MidAmerican's summary billing option allows you to receive one simple bill summarizing the activity on your separate accounts.
  • All bills are mailed together to a designated address.
  • Accounts can be segmented into individual cost centers for ease of allocation.
  • Summary billing can be combined with ACH, automatic payment plan and more.
Energy Efficiency
Competitive energy pricing is only one side of managing overall elctric costs. Taking action to reduce energy consumption may provide additional long-term savings. Through our partnership with local energy managers, MidAmerican offers a slate of programs that encourage the use of high-efficiency equipment, lighting and other measures in commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Customers may qualify for a free energy efficiency walk-through audit.
  • Save money on future energy bills.
  • Make customers and employees more comfortable.